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November Elections are right around the corner!

It is that time again. Midterm elections are a month away. The past two years have been frought events that have given us a clear recollection of where the party in charge currently stands—from the 2020 freeze that unveiled the terrible state of our energy grid, the removal of even the most basic abortion rights,…

Prime Day Must Haves for Home, Office, Organization, and More

Alright, I think most of us have come to accept Prime Day as a thing even if we tried very hard to not indulge in any additional spending (speaking for myself!). As a new homeowner though, I must say that having some inexpensive and nice choices for home furniture has come very much in handy.…

A Look Back at My Twenties

And so approaches the end of another decade of my life, my twenties. I wish I could go back in time and tell teenage me not to assume I’d have everything figured out by 25. I’d tell her that despite any setbacks, I’d reach my 30th year of life in a place I didn’t think…

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