November Elections are right around the corner!

It is that time again. Midterm elections are a month away. The past two years have been frought events that have given us a clear recollection of where the party in charge currently stands—from the 2020 freeze that unveiled the terrible state of our energy grid, the removal of even the most basic abortion rights, to blaming the Uvalde school shooting on gang violence instead of buckling down on gun control. Of course, the governor’s race will be top of mind for us all, and it’s time we make the push towards something so many fear but is very much attainable – making Texas purple.

Check your registration status:

Find your ballot and voting locations in your area:

This is a big election. Midterms elections are jam-packed with District and County Judge elections, and any County Clerk positions up for election in your particular county.

For those of you in Harris County you’ll find at least 3 bond propositions up for vote and the following video is a great in-depth resource to understand Propositions A, B, and C:

In addition, there are SEVEN bond referendums to vote on if you live within the city of Houston. Altogether these propositions could total over $478 million in investments to the city, but they’ve been separated into individual propositions so Houstonians are able to vote on the ones which they believe need the investment at this time. More details on these can be found here:

Be sure to give yourself at least a day to inform yourself on all the candidate and issues up for vote. Our future as Texans depends on it.

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