Prime Day Must Haves for Home, Office, Organization, and More

Alright, I think most of us have come to accept Prime Day as a thing even if we tried very hard to not indulge in any additional spending (speaking for myself!). As a new homeowner though, I must say that having some inexpensive and nice choices for home furniture has come very much in handy. Below I’ve shared my picks for some of the best items I’ve found for home, office, and general home needs.


  • An L Shaped Desk for those of us who have succumbed to the work from home life

Home Furniture

  • A full sized mirror and Jewelry cabinet. Let me tell you, anyone that sees my room IMMEDIATELY loves this
  • thing (they also have a coupon for $25 off)

    • A Zinus low profile bed frame. Because let me tell you, if your mattress is sinking in the middle and you think it’s completely the mattress’ fault, chances are your bed frame isn’t doing you anyyy help. This thing is not only easy to put together, it’s incredibly sturdy and LIGHT. I loved it so much for my Mom’s room that I got a second higher profile one for my bed.
    • This one isn’t exactly furniture, but if you have an older home with an upstairs attic accessible through a pull down stairway, you’re going to need this. In my home, there’s a nice little gap all around the staircase where I’d feel either the warm (in the summer) or cold air (in the winter) slowly creeping in from the attic and I was not about to have it with the high energy bill. This insulation cover is super easy to setup and comes with the tools you’ll need to install it. It’s helped tremendously with stopping any unwanted convection from my attic.

    Home Organization

    • The best vacuum storage bags for those of us that don’t have a ton of closet space and need to consolidate our seasonal pieces.
    • A Under bed shoe storage case because I unfortunately couldn’t fit all my shoes in my closet and well, here we are.
    • This one might seem random but it’s not. My mom and I’s worst fear is something happening to our home and needing to scramble to find our important documents. To solve that, I bought us a fireproof, water resistant, and portable organizer case that quite frankly, is the bomb.
    • Is your mother/significant other/roomie, a collector of cleaning utensils? Because, I can relate and I have tripped over a random broom or mop more times than I care to remember. This wall holder thing is easily my favorite item in my entire garage. Just get it.

    Enjoy the spending shenanigans and while you’re at it, might as well knock out some Christmas presents early so you don’t have to spend all your money in December. Pro tips from the queen of being cheap 🙂